Company Information
  Metrohm India Limited is a subsidiary of Metrohm AG, Switzerland, world leader in Ion Analysis. Metrohm AG is the market leader in Titration worldwide with entire range of Potentiometric, Karl Fischer and Thermometric techniques. Metrohm is a renowned name in Ion Analysis and is the only company to offer the complete range of Ion Analysis Instrumentation- Titration, Ion Chromatography and Voltammetry. Metrohm also have world class pH / Ion / Conductivity meters and Stability Measuring Instruments in its comprehensive product portfolio.

We also have Metrohm Group of companies, Metrohm Autolab BV, leader in Electrochemical and Applikon Analytical BV, pioneers in Online Analyzers in our offerings.
Apart from Metrohm group, we also have
  • Synthesis and Purification Solutions from Biotage AB, Sweden for Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry
  • Particle Characterization tools from Microtrac Inc, USA
  • Analysers for measurement of TOC, COD, BOD from LAR Process Analysers AG
  • Testing Instrumentation for the energy storage device and energy conversion device markets from Arbin Instruments
  • Innovative technology for electrochemistry research from DropSens

As a Total Solution provider, serving Indian Market for more than 2 decades, we are immensely proud to have all the major companies from Public and Private Sector, spanning across almost all the industries, as our customers. Headquartered at Chennai, we have 10 offices across the country. Our Application Laboratory in Chennai serves our Indian customers with Application Support, Method Development and technical trainings.

"Creating Perfect Chemistry- That’s our motto. With you and Metrohm India Limited together, it can only make a Perfect Chemistry."

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